A Single Sheet of Paper | Photos and pics

This is amazing it is A Single Sheet of Paper | Photos and pics. Although it has nothing to do with computers I felt that you needed to see this.

Cool Landscape Background

This is a cool background that has brilliant colors in it. I'm not sure who the photographer is but he has my respect for this one. Be sure to comment because I feel like I'm blogging to myself.

GM EN-V Concept | Fubiz™

I always like looking at concept cars and I wonder why they are not created for public use. These machines are cool but remind me more of vacuum cleaners than vehicles. Either way take a look at the GM EN-V Concept | Fubiz™ and let me know what you think.

Color Scheme Designer 3

I was blown away when I used this Scheme designer to find the best color for a website. They even have a function to target specific people that may visit your site! If you ever have trouble looking for colors for your website then this is the website for you. Color Scheme Designer 3 is what it's called and it can export the code into a number of different formats so you don't have to collect each color. I will use this for sure and I hope it serves you well..

Iphone -vs- Nexus

This is an interesting set of facts that I ran across about the Nexus and the Iphone.
I'll let you decide which one is best... because I want both. Specs after the jump...
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Good Website Advice

This guy tells you the what to do and what not to do when designing your website. He has great advice and makes it a lot less complicated to make a great looking website. Link after the Jump..

A Cool Computer Background

This is a cool background called Vector art. The artist posted it on Deviant art Check out there page if you like this picture.

Pointless but Fun Flash Game

This flash movie is pretty creative all you can do is move your mouse around the screen to change the direction of the 3d line. I know I'm not making this sound fun, but you should check it out anyway. It's not too amazing but its simple and I think someone should make it into a screensaver.
The link is here if you are bored. Have fun with it.

Cool Simulation Software

XJ Technologies makes a variety of different simulation software. I picked out the coolest one which is the one I found first. Its called Flock of Boids Model Animation. It simulates a flock of birds that stay together and they fight other "Boids" when they get close to them. Its an awesome simulator that I think you should check out. The link is here and here but they are the same so don't come back to this page to click the other one. :D

Reverse Bungie Jump

This video is amazing this guy does a reverse bungee jump from a bridge.

This is the most amazing stunt I have seen in a while besides the base jumping one.
I hope that I can try this one day :).

Simon Heys » Word Clock

This amazing screensaver is for the computer but is also available on the Ipod App store. Its too amazing not to share so I'm posting it here. I don't have an Iphone or Ipod myself so let me know how well it works.