Minecraft Classic Servers Worth Visiting.

Minecraft Classic on Minecraft.net is a series of servers set up by Minecraft users looking to have a good time building buildings and "sprites" out of blocks off of Minecraft. In this article I will be mentioning four servers that I ventured through on my quest to find some decent servers to play on. Each of these servers will have pictures with them showing them the cool stuff you can find on them.

Server #1 the coolest server I found with the nicest community has to be by the Admin: ADW and his City Themed Server.

Server #2 is the one I found a huge picture of a Poke-ball made completely from blocks that took the Owner: NukaCola1000 a whole day to make! My most favorite creation of his is this:
Mario by NukaCola1000 on Minecraft Classic.

I'm not sure how long this took him but it is my favorite creation of his. As for the Poke-ball, it may still be there if you go to his server and check out the art section.

Server #3 is by a guy named "Facepalm." I did not actually talk to Facepalm but I did talk to a guy named Nanam98 and he showed me two sprites that took him four hours apiece to make. He made them without using speedhacks which allow you to fly. His first sprite is Mario as well and they are both awesome.
Mario by Nanam98 in Minecraft Classic.

His second sprite is Megaman! which is as awesome as Mario.Megaman by Nanam98 in Minecraft Classic.

Server #4 is the last server but certainly not the least by Wolf95 and he showed me some lockers for a huge stadium he made.
Lockers by Wolf95 on Minecraft Classic

After he Showed me this huge stadium he made.
Stadium by Wolf95 on Minecraft Classic
If you have a server and want me to look at some of the stuff you have then let me know by posting a link to the server below!

Explanation of Minecraft (Sandbox Game).

Minecraft is an amazing game by Mark Persson that encourages creativity through an amazing sandbox
game mode. This game can be found at Minecraft.net. If you want to go ahead and check the game out have fun but for the rest of you who want to know more about this game just continue reading.

This game represents the most fun I have had with one game in a while. I have spent a few hours playing this game and may have this close to an exact science. In the next section I will explain step by step how to get started in Minecraft.

When you first spawn you should keep a few things in mind. You will always need wood and you need to build a house close to your spawn point because you may die. As soon as you spawn the clock starts ticking towards night and you only have a few real time minutes to make some sort of shelter from zombies. Once you make your shelter the first night and are hiding away you may notice that your house got darker even though you cut a few holes for windows. The second most important thing you will need is coal but you cannot mine coal until you have some sort of pick axe. Remember that wood you collected from that tree? Press "i" (for inventory) on your keyboard and place the raw wood harvested from the tree in one of the top right boxes. If you left clicked you will see planks with the number four pop up in the box to the right of those boxes. Click on the planks until you have no more raw wood or until the plank number reaches 64 (the max number of stackable items in one box). Then left click the planks to pick them up and drop one in each of the four blocks to build a workbench. This work bench will give you the workspace to make a pick axe out of wood and other things like ladders and storage boxes. To make a pick axe you will need sticks and in order to make them you need planks. Take you planks and stack them one on top of the other, this will give you four sticks. Then take your sticks and stack one on top of the other then line you planks across the top row to make a wooden pick axe. If you take the time to look at how it is made you should understand that the shape of the object is important to take note of so you know how it is made. In the morning you can take the wooden pick axe out and collect some stone. Making stone pick axes is the same as wooden ones but you have to replace the planks with stone (cobblestone). Stone picks make it easier and faster to mine things but will not mine things like redstone or diamond. You will need to smelt iron for that but for that you will need to make an oven to accomplish the smelting. An oven is made by outlining the box of your workbench with stone. As you can see this game is fairly complicated and requires some thought and strategy. These qualities of the game coupled with the randomely generated world make this game almost impossible to become boring. If you made it this far I hope you enjoyed this article outlining the basics of Minecraft by Mark Persson.

Dlvr.it Automatic Posting Website.

Dlvr.it is a website that allows you to automatically post to Twitter and Facebook and a number of other sites automatically! This is very useful for a website or blog that has an RSS feed. It gives your users more ways to get plugged in to the site. So if you did not want to get an email or RSS feed you can just like the Cyberleak blog Facebook page or follow me on Twitter @Cyberleak. Let me know what you think of dlvr.it and it's features in the comments below.

First Person Shooter for the Browser.

This game is called Phosphor and it is in its Beta 2 phase of development and is currently free to play without even signing up! The only game mode at this time is deathmatch but even against the bots it is pretty fun. I tried one other game that is on facebook about paintball and if you ask me I would rather play this one. If you have ever played the original Red Faction or Red Faction 2 for playstation I would suggest you play this. It is tons of fun. Now I'm going to go play a few more rounds while you search for it on Google!

Commenting Made Easier

In the search for a new site to allow my readers to comment easier I found an amazing site called Disqus. Disqus is a site that is dedicated to making commenting easier by integrating popular sites like Twitter and Facebook into there code and making it available to there customers. This comment system is easy to customize and install on any Html based website. Why not give it a try on your blog or website? If you do be sure to let me know what you think in the spiffy comments below!

Music Generating Game

This is an awesome game from Andre Michelle that makes making cool tones easy.
I would have posted it sooner but it is to amazing! Caution: you may play this for hours.
 It has no way of saving the tones to Mp3 which is sad but you can copy and paste code onto the flash box to make crazy sounds. Have fun with this!

Twitter Integration

I have added Twitter to the Wibiya toolbar. This is an update to the blog that I think I may use often.
It gives me the freedom to update you on what I'm researching at the moment easily.

If you would like to ask me a question on Twitter just put @Cyberleak in your Twitter post.

Earn free things online with Swagbucks

Earn free stuff online. You search Google all the time for stuff you need so why not try searching an engine that gives you free stuff!
Search & Win

Let me know what you think of them in the comments below!

Cresty Image Photoshop

This picture took me about one to two hours. I used four pictures, one is a picture of the "cresty", and came up with a dragon looking scene. I hope you like it.
Dragon Image

Windows Vista Abbreviation

This is a humorous way to describe a great OS with a less than perfect upgrade.

For the record I use Windows Vista and I am perfectly happy with it... because I'm broke.

| Desktop Swagger |: Beach and Palm Trees.

Cool Beach Background :D

| Desktop Swagger |: Beach and Palm Trees.: "image.jpg (1680�1050)"


This video is a rush the entire time. It is a bit slow at first but it is well worth the wait.
I want to do this someday but I doubt I would be brave enough.

from Jeb Corliss on Vimeo.

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The Samsung Galaxy Tab vs The iPad

This is a cool list that goes through the different functionalities and capabilities of both the iPad and the Galaxy Tab. You decide ... if you are interested at all. Link here

"My desk is 8-bit"

This is an awesome video showing what stop motion and a little imagination can do. Thanks Alex!

MY DESK IS 8-BIT from alex varanese on Vimeo.

Snowy Leopard

Whether you have a Mac (or a real computer ;D )

You will love this picture.

I love the detail and how the eyes are brought out with the brilliant blue.

Top Bar!

As you may have noticed there is a new bar at the top of the page!

This bar lets you search other things about the subject you want. For instance you can highlight any word ,or phrase , such as The Red Defection and come up with more information and even videos. Let me know what you think of it in the comments.