Free Music Online!

Grooveshark is a great site that you can listen to free music on. It isn't another one of those radio websites that you have to listen to ads either. Grooveshark lets you listen to whatever music you want if it is in there million song database. I love it so I thought I should share with you!

Your Welcome :)


Useful Windows Shortcuts.

In my many projects that I have started I have found the following shortcuts useful:

+ E = Opens "My Computer" and gives me access to all my drives.
+ R = Brings up the run box for entering a program to run.
+ TAB = Scrolls from program to program.
+ L = Logout of your session in Windows.
+ M = Minimize the current screen.
+ X = Shows the Windows Mobility Center.
+ 1-0 = Executes whatever you have on the shortcut bar located near the start menu. 
 = Opens the start menu if pressed alone.

All these coupled with the different Control plus another key have helped me with each of my projects. Thank you for reading through these and I hope this helps you navigate your computer easier.

Coming Soon:

Common Shortcuts for Many Programs.

Black Ops - Multi Player

I had the privilege of playing Call of Duty: Black-Ops on the Xbox 360 this past weekend. This was especially surprising because I don't even own an X-box. I played it with a friend that owns the game on my cousins X-box. We only played multi-player and we switched off depending on who was the player with the lowest score.

Needless to say, I stayed in the entire time and was able to win every game. The most looked forward to item seems to be the RC Car that you see race across the map and explode below an unsuspecting enemy. I tend to favor the ability to change the red dot sight on each of your guns instead. In addition to changing your sights you can also change the way you look and what you wear on multi-player on one console without leveling up. This gives everyone the ability to copy and use the best weapons that are freely available to everyone. For instance, if I was to go to my friends house and play him on his Ps3 I could chose the exact same gun and perks as I had on the Xbox without having to level up on his Ps3. No matter what system your playing on from the Ps3 to the Wii you will love this game if you liked any of the other Call of Duties. Sadly the only thing I did not try is the dolphin dive because I did not know of it then. Next time I shall dive in every direction.

Black Ops Trailer: