How Fast Can You Type?

The average typing speed is 50-60 words per minute. At that speed you could type this article in 5 Minutes. I type about 26 words per minute. The ability to type fast is helpful in a few jobs. Secretaries and people that work with computers in an office are required to type 50-60 words per minute. If you want to find out how fast you type try going to this site. If you did not meet your goal in the test you may want to try improving your speed in Mavis Beacon. Mavis Beacon is a typing program that helps you position your hands correctly on the keyboard and type more efficiently without looking. I used to have to focus on not staring at the keyboard when I typed but this program has helped tremendously. Good luck and happy typing!

What Makes a Good Game.

In order to answer the question
What makes the best game?
you have to take a look at what your favorite game is. A good game will keep someone playing for hours and not think about the time they are spending. The last game I played was Garrys Mod and I played it for several hours. This game has so many possibilities that it is hard to walk away from. If you are a game developer you have a fine line to walk between making the game challenging and making your player want to quit. The more fun the player has the longer they will play and the more people they will suggest the game to. Being the bloodiest or the fastest paced game is not always a good thing. Monotonous games tend to get boring after the millionth time of completing a task to get the same result. One of the best ways to get someone to continue playing your game is to make it possible for them to see progress, like a percentage of the game done or an amount of money aquired. If the player feels like they are accomplishing something they will be able to put off real life tasks to devote time to there game. All this being said, games come and go as anything does and it is hard to predict what game will trend. One thing that is sure is that there will always be new games to spend your money on. Leave a comment below letting me know what game you like and why you do.