Four Useful Android Applications.

In this article I will cover four applications on the Android Market that I use every day.

 The First application takes the place of the Android operating system. I like to use Go Launcher EX to launch the different apps I have installed on my phone because it gives me many options for customizing. For instance I can make and icon have two separate functions such as open one app if I press it and open a completely different one if I drag my finger over it. So if you are tired of the Android operating system I highly recommend Go Launcher.

Secondly, I would like to recommend the app Handcent SMS to take the place of your regular texting application. This gives you the ability to set ,not only separate ring-tones for people but, separate text tones as well. It functions great with Go launcher and the droid launcher as well.

For the third app I would have to recommend that you change your normal browser over to Dolphin Browser. This allows you to download different apps inside the browser much like Google chrome for your computer does. It also includes gestures which makes it possible for you to draw a shape on the screen and open a webpage based on that gestures target.

Fourth and finally I would like to introduce you to Vlingo. Vlingo is your personal assistant that can send texts, update your status, call your family members and open you navigation for you. All you have to do is download this application and say "Hey Vlingo!". This app is much like Siri and will one day take the place of any human thinking on there own again.

Thank you for your interest in this article! I will post links to all the mentioned apps below this line of text. Leave a comment if you please.

This is a video that covers these apps.

App Links:

Go Launcher EX

Handcent SMS

Dolphin Browser


Minecraft for Free!

I am trying to get my youtube account for this website going.
As a result I will be giving away Minecraft for free!

All the details are in this video!

Battlefield 3 The Review

Battlefield 3 is an amazing game it has great graphics and good game play. If I just left it at that, this article would be complete. I will elaborate a little so that those of you who will never play it may still appreciate it. The multi-player levels are well planned out and are easy to navigate. In this game you will rarely get stuck in the ground or see vehicles launched in the air like they did in the beta release. The realistic facets of the game add a lot more than they take away. If I was to complain about one thing it would be the fact that I don't win every round. Honestly I can not see to much wrong with this game. The creators of this game have come a long way from the Battlefield that came out in 2008. Let me know in the comments what you think about this game or what game you want me to review next! I leave you with a video of the single player played by yours truly.

Helpful Minecraft Guru's

This is a list of the helpful Minecraft Guru's I have found on Youtube as of 10/7/11.

If you find this list helpful then share it with your friends!

CaptainSparklez <-- Makes tributes to Minecraft as well as tutorials for it.

davidr64yt <-- He introduced me to the game through Machinima.

SeaNanners <-- No longer plays it as far as I know but his play-throughs are helpful.

Have any more I missed? Comment below.

Call of Duty Mw3

I just recently pre-ordered Mw3 from Gamestop. I should get it the day after it comes out so be sure to subscribe for upcoming reviews and possibly some gameplay. Until the day comes that I can play the amazing game let me leave you with a Teaser video for it just like when Black ops came out.

Five of the Best Minecraft Wallpapers.

These wallpapers will not be posted in any specific order.

Simple Redstone block, torch pick-axe and friendly reminder of a creeper. 
 A possible Minecraft logo.
 Simple creeper with some shading effects for fun.
 One of my personal favorites. :)

And a simple landscape to finish it all up.

If you have anymore that you would like featured don't hesitate to email me a link at .

Six of The Best Free Android Games.

The following video shows six of my favorite games on android.

List of the games in the video:
1. Dragon Fly
2. Speedx
3. Bow Man
4. City Jump
5. Guitar Solo
6. 3d Bowling