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This Blog is:
This blog is updated by one person and includes information about electronics that is gathered from various places on the Internet. Cyber Leak includes an occasional background for your computer and some entertaining videos. It also includes helpful tips on how to create a better site and how to attract more people to it.

This Blog is Not: (Just for Fun)
This blog is not about world peace or political views. It's not about training wild elephants in the jungles of South Africa. It is not about leeks or how to cook them and eat them. Cyber Leak is not about leaking information that you should not know about any particular business or organization.

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You can go to the top of the page and chose Subscribe here and chose your feed reader. If your not sure what a feed reader is this page will clear that up for you.

Advertisement Explanation:
Cyber Leak has a few sets of advertisement on every page. These advertisements where placed so they do not get in the way of the content that I publish to this blog. I use these advertisements to generate revenue from my blog. I don't get a great amount from them and I also try not to ask for donations. These advertisements are provided by Google and should not contain any explicit content please email me if you see any on this site.

Thank you for taking the time to read about this blog. I hope that the information you learn from it will help you understand your computer and the Internet better.

About The Author:
James is a high-school student that enjoys writing about the many features of a computer. He takes the information that he learns on a daily basis and turns it in to a blog for others to read. His Blogspot profile is located on this page if you want to read his other blogs.