Minecraft for Free!

I am trying to get my youtube account for this website going.
As a result I will be giving away Minecraft for free!

All the details are in this video!

Battlefield 3 The Review

Battlefield 3 is an amazing game it has great graphics and good game play. If I just left it at that, this article would be complete. I will elaborate a little so that those of you who will never play it may still appreciate it. The multi-player levels are well planned out and are easy to navigate. In this game you will rarely get stuck in the ground or see vehicles launched in the air like they did in the beta release. The realistic facets of the game add a lot more than they take away. If I was to complain about one thing it would be the fact that I don't win every round. Honestly I can not see to much wrong with this game. The creators of this game have come a long way from the Battlefield that came out in 2008. Let me know in the comments what you think about this game or what game you want me to review next! I leave you with a video of the single player played by yours truly.

Helpful Minecraft Guru's

This is a list of the helpful Minecraft Guru's I have found on Youtube as of 10/7/11.

If you find this list helpful then share it with your friends!

CaptainSparklez <-- Makes tributes to Minecraft as well as tutorials for it.

davidr64yt <-- He introduced me to the game through Machinima.

SeaNanners <-- No longer plays it as far as I know but his play-throughs are helpful.

Have any more I missed? Comment below.