XML and Blogger

At the moment I seem to be experiencing some difficulty with my blogs XML. In light of this I have reverted back to a simple layout with the same elements in it. I hope to get a new layout soon but in the meantime I will continue posting as usual.


I have settled on a look for the blog I hope you like it.

Look at the Signs

When you are looking to build a website for your business one of the first things you will need is a host. A good host may also provide you with your own domain name. I searched for a hosting company to see the different offers that they have. I came across Justhost.com. Before heading on over to there site read this interesting conversation I had with a "live" agent.

I was just about to leave there webpage when a java box popped up with a 20% offer. The pop up stated that if I chose to stay on the page I could talk to a representative right away. Here is how the conversation went.

Connecting to Agent...

You have been connected to Anni

Anni Says:Hey Wait!! I have just been authorized to offer you a 20% discount on our UNLIMITED hosting plan! To take advantage of this special one-time offer just CLICK HERE

Anni Says:When you are ready just say "Hi" and we can get started....


Anni Says:Hi my name is Anni thanks for visiting Just Host today!

Anni Says:Is there anything I can help you with? Or if you would like to check out our last minute 20% discount, please CLICK HERE!

You:Why do you want to prevent me from leaving this site with a java pop up?

Anni Says:This is a great question. We support that feature free of charge and is included in all of our packages.

Anni Says:To take advantage of this great $3.95 a month offer, please CLICK HERE

You:are you a real person or a bot

Anni Says:I thought I was intelligent but you seem to have caught me out... I am actually a live virtual agent.

Anni Says:But I should be able to answer any questions or problems you may have. What did you want to ask me?

You:Why do you want to prevent me from leaving this site with a java pop up?

Anni Says:This is a great question. We support that feature free of charge and is included in all of our packages.

Anni Says:To take advantage of this great $3.95 a month offer, please CLICK HERE

You:bot is a keyword you recognize?

Anni Says:Ok, you got me, I am a live virtual agent.

Anni Says:But this isn't a bad thing, I should still be able to answer your questions, and best of all, offer you this fantastic 20% discount when you CLICK HERE

You:so "live host" is a lie?

Anni Says:You can actually sign up for Hosting with us no matter where in the world you are located. We have customers from all over the world hosting with us.

Anni Says:To get your 20% Discount just CLICK HERE

You:Will you lie about other things?

Anni Says:You get a free domain for life, free instant setup and you can host unlimited domains, plus, much much more.

Anni Says:Today only I can offer you this special 20% discount so you can sign up for just $3.95 month. Just CLICK HERE to get this today only offer!

You:Thats what I thought

Anni Says:Would you like to sign up for our most popular hosting plan for just $3.95 / month?

You:not if you lie on your website

Anni Says:You can only receive this special $3.95 month deal through this chat. So to take advantage of our massive 20% Discount (Equivilant to $12 off) just CLICK HERE

You:no thank you

Anni Says:Remember this 20% discount is only available today through this chat.

Anni Says:Our unlimited plan gives you everything you need from a hosting provider. Free domain for life, free setup, unlimited bandwith, disk space, email accounts and hosted domains, plus we give you an anytime money back guarantee so if you are not happy with our service for any reason, we will happily give you a full refund.

Anni Says:So what have you got to lose? Just CLICK HERE to receive your 20% discount.

You:This is not a chat I am having a conversation with myself!

Anni Says:You may not have noticed but I am actually just a virtual agent, so I dont fully understand your question.

Anni Says:You can try asking me again and re-phrase your question, or why not contact our freindly phone support team toll-free at: 1-(XXX)-XXX-XXXX they should be able to assist you further

I thought this was somewhat humerus so I decided to share it with you. The point of this article to warn you against people who scam you. If there is any sign that someone is trying to take advantage of you it is best to steer clear of them. If you already are with this web host please know that I am not trying to hurt there reputation in any way. I simply want to warn you of the signs of a scam. If they lie once they may do it again.

Real-time HTML Editor

If you want to learn how to write html check out this Real-time HTML Editor. As soon as you type html code in the top box the result pops up in the bottom one. This is a good way for beginners to grasp what elements they change when they use html.

For more instruction on how to use html code just search html code on Google.

Learn Something New? Share it with your friends.

Oxygen-X :: Home of Y'z Dock

Here is a background called apple rocks. It from a website that hosts a bar that can be placed on your desktop to make it look like a mac desktop. This Picture is one of my favorites on the site.

Facebook Integration.

Facebook is the second most popular site. Almost everyone I know has a Facebook account and it is most likely bookmarked in you browser right now. The question is if this site is so powerful then why not use it to promote your website? The answer is there is no reason not to. Facebook has made it so easy for you to set up a page so that people can "become fans" or as it is now called "like" your website and share it with there friends. This makes your website traffic grow at a considerable rate. Consider this when thinking about integrating with Facebook.
Facebook web stats by Wolfram Alpha
daily page views | ~~ 7.4 billion
daily visitors | ~~ 480 million
site rank | 2nd
domain online | March 29, 1997 (~~13 years ago)
(based on Alexa estimates, as of  April 22, 2010)
I set up my own fan page for this blog. I hope to see a rise in viewers as more people find my blog through Facebook.

Ghost Wallpaper

This picture is amazing it was drawn by CreativeImages and posted on deviant art. The character, named Ghost, is from Modern Warfare 2. This is by far my favorite character in the game.

MW2 Wallpaper: Ghost by ~CreativeImages on deviantART

Dictionary Added to Cyber Leak

I added a dictionary button to the site that will look up a word that you type in to the pop up box.
This button can be dragged into you favorites bar so that you can look up a word from anywhere you are. I found this link in my search for an add on that I could use to look up words I didn't know.

This picture should be added to the right bar on the blog. When you click it a box will pop up asking what word you want to look up. When you type the word it and continue it will look up this word on Dictionary.com. Have fun with this I use it almost every day.

Volcano Eruption in Iceland

There where a lot of flight delays after the eruption of the Iceland volcano. I was wondering why it would delay flights and what a volcano could do to a plane. When you think of a volcano often times you think of the initial eruption and the flow of lava down the hill side. That is not all a volcano eruption creates. It also creates a great billow of smoke that rises into the air carrying debris along with it. Inside this great cloud is very fine ash that is moving quickly. If a plain where to collide with this cloud it would sandblast the plain and cause some of its flight instruments to stop working correctly. It would be somewhat like flack that is used to shoot down enemy planes in a war.

I set out to find out about this because of a post on facebook. I was lead to believe that it would somehow effect the electronics on the plane. I was thinking more along the lines of power failure and loss of control of the plane due to no power. It turns out that the main problem would be hardware failure such as the engines of the plane. The plane would have a significant amount of weight added to it because of the ash and would become somewhat hard to control. So ,in conclusion, I am glad that there are airport advisers out there who can see these hazards before someone gets hurt.

New Name

I have been trying to figure out a name for this blog for a little while now. Cyber Leak is what I came up with. Cyberspace is another word for the internet and since my blog is on and about the internet I figured Cyber Leak was a fitting name. The leak part I came up with by searching for the word information in a thesaurus. Now that you know the background of the name of my blog I want to know what you think of it. I changed the comments section to make it easier to comment. So let me know what you think. Happy reading.

How To Place a Bottom Bar on Your Site.

As you can see I have a bar at the bottom of the blog. This bar contains a lot of the components that you might find throughout a website. The advantage of this bar is that it can be seen anywhere on my blog. You can share a post at any given page with the click of a few buttons. Subscribing to my blog is made easier by the Rss button that is located beside share. I can also program a message to great each new visitor by text.Translating the entire page is made easy with the Translation button at the bottom left next to the search bar. Last but not least you can Minimize this whole bar if it is in your way by selecting the arrows at the bottom right of the bar. Just next to that is a link that takes you to the wibiya site. Have fun getting more veiwers to your blog and Good luck.

Free Flash Website

This website is a "free" flash website. You can make your own flash website for free but it has some adds on it. They ,of course, make some options only available to you after you pay them. The customer service is quick to answer any questions you have. This website builder is for the average person that wants to build a flash website at a fast pace. Building the website will require no coding abilities and the main options are easy to learn. I used it to build an example for you here.

ipad - Scrabble video

I thought it was about time that I got around to the ipad in one of my posts.
Now to all you Windows fan-boys out there just calm down. I don't have an Ipad personally and I don't plan on getting one any time soon. This video show one of my favorite features that I have seen on the Ipad, which is bluetooth. At the end of the video you will see two users with Ipod touches that are connected to the Ipad. One of the users flicks his letter on to the Ipad. This is a very cool feature and I'm hoping that Windows is taking some notes on this one. If any one decides they don't want there Ipad anymore just send it to me. I hope you like this video.

Pascal Campion - Animation

Pascal Campion is an amazing person that does some great animations. I set out to find his greatest one but in my opinion they are all top notch check them out on his website.

Some examples of his animations:

He also has a blog that is way more popular than this one. He uses his blog to post pictures that he draws. You should check that out too. Let me know what you think about either of these.

Pixel (video)

This Video is to amazing not to watch! So put it in full screen and sit back

New Background Image.

I made this new background image for fun and to bring a feel of the website into the background. I also discovered something. When I used Facebook to host the picture the first time it changed my picture dimensions. Thats ok Facebook was not meant for that so I tried it on Photobucket. Photobucket did the same thing so I tried Flicker and that didn't work. I finally landed on Imageshack and it worked. So if you want to host a picture for your site go with the last one I mentioned. By the way don't forget to vote for or against the new background.

Boom! (Wallpaper)

This is Iron Man background is cool and although I know it's from the first movie. I still think that this is my favorite part of the first one.

One Button Ninja Game

This game only uses one button which is cool. You have to go through a series of challenges before you reach the top and beat the Boss. You could check this game out.

Lambo Background

This is my current background. I took a picture of it at the Charlotte Motor Speedway Car Show that I went to over the weekend. They had a lot of cars there and my Dad took a few hundred pictures.

I took this picture with I Nikon D70. My Dad is a Pro Photographer and he shoots with a Nikon D200 his pictures can be found here. He hasn't uploaded pictures of this years Car show yet but take a look at last years.

CS5! Came out today!

Creative suites five came out today! This amazing set of programs is used for all kinds of web related projects. Adobe Photoshop is the most famous of them. Personally I like Dreamweaver better which is a program for building websites. This group of programs is too expensive for me so I will have to wait and just stick to CS3 for now.

Free 3D Rendering Program!

Blender is a free 3D program that lets you model and animate 3d videos. It can also be used to make games and intros for your Youtube videos. Here is an example of what Blender can do.

Tin Cans! (Cooliris)

This post is about a cool tin can creation website and Cooliris.
Cooliris is an add on for your web browser (ie, Firefox, Flock, Chrome) and it's also a slide show viewer. You can embed a slide show into your website or blog. I embedded a slide show of Canbot.com pictures so you can see there cool creations while trying out this slide show viewer.
I have the Cooliris add on for Flock and Google Chrome. It is an amazing way to view pictures and it's free!


Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

This is a cool volcano picture I found at Imageshack...

CSS3 Code practice

Want to practice CSS code? I found a webpage that allows you to do just that in real time.
As soon as you change the code it changed the element on the page! Take a look at this.

Mythbusters (CPU -vs- GPU)

This is cool example of what a GPU does and also what a CPU does.

A Background Called Leapord...

Leapord Wallpaper
This background looks pretty cool but I'm not sure if I would call it a leapord.
Its my current wallpaper. What do you think about it?

Quick tip for this blog.

I switched the layout around using a code from a web developer.
So now instead of the comments being below they are on the top right.
Please comment on the topics you have an opinion about.
Thank you ~James

Bulgarian Council Member Booted for Farmville

Bulgarian Council Member is Kicked off the council for playing Farmville during a budget meeting. Now as funny as this may be he seems to have an addiction to this game. A very serious addiction in fact because he was warned before about playing games during this meeting. To get the full scope of the story you have to understand that he is in control of people in a city in real life. I think he should have enough free time to get his priorities straight since he lost his job. He was not the only one that was warned about it though there where a few other members of the council that where using the meeting time to play on there farms. He was just the only one that didn't listen. I say good luck to him and I hope that he can still make enough money to support his family. Crazy world we live in... If you want more info take a look at AOL's post.