The DLC Overload.

I want to start off by saying that I am in no way a game developer. As a consumer, I feel I have the right to critique the industry as I see fit. Since the development of the first console or gaming platform, the industry has evolved to fit the average consumer in many ways except in the area of add-on downloadable content. It seems that this medium has in many ways been used as a way to supplement games that may not otherwise make it to market if it all had to be packaged into one game and one release date. I think that if the game developers took a little extra time in development and waited until it was ready or at least ninety percent ready we wouldn't have things such as first hour patches and half made DLC. I realize that there are such things as developer deadlines and publisher forced completions but I think the individuals in the industry on the consumer side and development side need to work towards constraining the money hungry business men and women that just want to jump in this industry and make a quick buck off of the consumer that has a certain amount of trust in the developers already established. To put it simply the consumer needs to do the research required to purchase games that are quality and not just hyped. The developers need to work to be sure to provide a good game and experience for the user without trying to 'nickel and dime' each individual user into making them rich off a mediocre game that put little into and expect a huge payout.

Free Rider HD (Online Game Review)

This article is about Be sure to check out the video on YouTube and try to play the game on the website listed above. I enjoyed this game because it is a casual way to compete with your friends and maybe even take turns trying to complete a level. You can make your own tracks as well so that your friends and others can enjoy trying to complete them. Give this game a try in fullscreen now at

The maps listed below were featured in my latest video.

How Galaxy S5 Works With Google Cardboard

If you are thinking of getting the Google Cardboard contraption and you have a Galaxy S5 you should know that the magnet on the side of the cardboard doesn't work as planned. The device you plan on using with the cardboard must match the design that is in place for the Cardboard layout.

The phone  pictured below is a Samsung Galaxy S5 and if you fold the cardboard up (with the Otter-box off) the magnet lines up with the camera. This magnet should be lined up with the white portion next to the camera in order to work as planned. You can pull the magnet off the side and wave it near the white portion on the top of the phone or you could stick your fingers through the holes to press the screen.

You can also use it with the Otter-Box on the phone but the downside to that is the Velcro won't latch together so you have to physically hold the phone onto the cardboard.

How to Choose The Best Smartphone for You.

Choosing the best phone that has the right applications for you should be based on what you plan to do with your phone. If you plan on just making basic calls and occasionally sending a text then a smartphone may not be the best choice. Even though smartphones are "cool" they are often not used to there full potential meaning that the owner of the phone would be better off saving some cash and going with a basic phone instead.

In order to decide what type of phone you want you will need to decide what service provider is right for your area and application. While Verizon is a widely known and reliable provider it may not cover enough of the area you will be using the phone. The best way to choose which carrier is right for your area is to ask your friends that are in your area what they have and if they get good service in the area. Your friend will most likely know how well their phone service is doing, but if not each service provider will have what is called a service map that will tell you which areas are covered. These maps can be found online or by visiting  a local store.

Just because everyone wants the latest phone does not mean that this phone is, in fact, the best phone or the one most likely to meet your needs. That being said the current phones that fits that description is the Samsung Galaxy S3 or the Iphone 5. The best approach for finding the phone that meets you needs is to decide what you will be doing with your phone and then match it to a phone that will do this. 

If you are a constant texter then you should decide if you like the feel of a touchscreen vs a keyboard. There are combination phones that have both the touchscreen and the keyboard so that you can decide each time you type. 

Surfing the web with a phone can be expensive if you don't have an unlimited data plan. People who constantly surf the web normally use touchscreens for mobile devices because it allows for a easier navigation process than a strictly keyboard phone would. 

If playing games is what you think you will be doing the most. You should check into an Sony Xperia play phone which allows calls and texts but also includes a console style control where a sliding keyboard would be.

The overall experience of a smartphone can be fun but also controlling. Those who spend hours checking there phone or playing games on it while "spending time" with their friends can be considered rude. So, that being said, if you decide to but a smartphone make sure that you control it instead of it controlling you.

The Minecraft Mario Build. (Map Download)

The Cyberleak Minecraft Mario Build took four people around five hours to construct all eighteen characters. Recording was done in one shot which took roughly an hour long. The orignal video file was 20gb (gigabytes) and the video file after editing was just under 1gb. Originally the video was shot in the reverse order than it is now seen on Youtube. The creations where torn down quickly so that the video could be reversed to make it look as if they where built just as quickly. The map file can be downloaded here (Click FILE Download). If you enjoyed this video/article share it with your friends! Thanks for reading!

How Fast Can You Type?

The average typing speed is 50-60 words per minute. At that speed you could type this article in 5 Minutes. I type about 26 words per minute. The ability to type fast is helpful in a few jobs. Secretaries and people that work with computers in an office are required to type 50-60 words per minute. If you want to find out how fast you type try going to this site. If you did not meet your goal in the test you may want to try improving your speed in Mavis Beacon. Mavis Beacon is a typing program that helps you position your hands correctly on the keyboard and type more efficiently without looking. I used to have to focus on not staring at the keyboard when I typed but this program has helped tremendously. Good luck and happy typing!

What Makes a Good Game.

In order to answer the question
What makes the best game?
you have to take a look at what your favorite game is. A good game will keep someone playing for hours and not think about the time they are spending. The last game I played was Garrys Mod and I played it for several hours. This game has so many possibilities that it is hard to walk away from. If you are a game developer you have a fine line to walk between making the game challenging and making your player want to quit. The more fun the player has the longer they will play and the more people they will suggest the game to. Being the bloodiest or the fastest paced game is not always a good thing. Monotonous games tend to get boring after the millionth time of completing a task to get the same result. One of the best ways to get someone to continue playing your game is to make it possible for them to see progress, like a percentage of the game done or an amount of money aquired. If the player feels like they are accomplishing something they will be able to put off real life tasks to devote time to there game. All this being said, games come and go as anything does and it is hard to predict what game will trend. One thing that is sure is that there will always be new games to spend your money on. Leave a comment below letting me know what game you like and why you do.