Make Farmville Faster

Make Farmville Run Faster.

The number one thing that I see as a complaint on the Farmville fan page besides land expansions is that the game is running slow. This is due to the high concentration of graphics inside of Farmville. Although I am not an expert I can help you make your farm run faster so that you can enjoy the game for what it is. Here are the steps.
1. Click the eye at the top left of the game until the graphics are at the lowest.
2. Make sure you are not running other programs or tabs
3. Have your flash up to date
4. Keep your farm neat and clean and sell anything you don't want
Although it is fun to get the most things of all of your friends it slows your game down in the process. I hope that this article was helpful to you and that you have many more fun days farming on Farmville. Thank you for reading my article and if this has helped you please share with your friends. Happy Farming!
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