How Galaxy S5 Works With Google Cardboard

If you are thinking of getting the Google Cardboard contraption and you have a Galaxy S5 you should know that the magnet on the side of the cardboard doesn't work as planned. The device you plan on using with the cardboard must match the design that is in place for the Cardboard layout.

The phone  pictured below is a Samsung Galaxy S5 and if you fold the cardboard up (with the Otter-box off) the magnet lines up with the camera. This magnet should be lined up with the white portion next to the camera in order to work as planned. You can pull the magnet off the side and wave it near the white portion on the top of the phone or you could stick your fingers through the holes to press the screen.

You can also use it with the Otter-Box on the phone but the downside to that is the Velcro won't latch together so you have to physically hold the phone onto the cardboard.