The DLC Overload.

I want to start off by saying that I am in no way a game developer. As a consumer, I feel I have the right to critique the industry as I see fit. Since the development of the first console or gaming platform, the industry has evolved to fit the average consumer in many ways except in the area of add-on downloadable content. It seems that this medium has in many ways been used as a way to supplement games that may not otherwise make it to market if it all had to be packaged into one game and one release date. I think that if the game developers took a little extra time in development and waited until it was ready or at least ninety percent ready we wouldn't have things such as first hour patches and half made DLC. I realize that there are such things as developer deadlines and publisher forced completions but I think the individuals in the industry on the consumer side and development side need to work towards constraining the money hungry business men and women that just want to jump in this industry and make a quick buck off of the consumer that has a certain amount of trust in the developers already established. To put it simply the consumer needs to do the research required to purchase games that are quality and not just hyped. The developers need to work to be sure to provide a good game and experience for the user without trying to 'nickel and dime' each individual user into making them rich off a mediocre game that put little into and expect a huge payout.