Facebook Integration.

Facebook is the second most popular site. Almost everyone I know has a Facebook account and it is most likely bookmarked in you browser right now. The question is if this site is so powerful then why not use it to promote your website? The answer is there is no reason not to. Facebook has made it so easy for you to set up a page so that people can "become fans" or as it is now called "like" your website and share it with there friends. This makes your website traffic grow at a considerable rate. Consider this when thinking about integrating with Facebook.
Facebook web stats by Wolfram Alpha
daily page views | ~~ 7.4 billion
daily visitors | ~~ 480 million
site rank | 2nd
domain online | March 29, 1997 (~~13 years ago)
(based on Alexa estimates, as of  April 22, 2010)
I set up my own fan page for this blog. I hope to see a rise in viewers as more people find my blog through Facebook.