Minecraft Classic Servers Worth Visiting.

Minecraft Classic on Minecraft.net is a series of servers set up by Minecraft users looking to have a good time building buildings and "sprites" out of blocks off of Minecraft. In this article I will be mentioning four servers that I ventured through on my quest to find some decent servers to play on. Each of these servers will have pictures with them showing them the cool stuff you can find on them.

Server #1 the coolest server I found with the nicest community has to be by the Admin: ADW and his City Themed Server.

Server #2 is the one I found a huge picture of a Poke-ball made completely from blocks that took the Owner: NukaCola1000 a whole day to make! My most favorite creation of his is this:
Mario by NukaCola1000 on Minecraft Classic.

I'm not sure how long this took him but it is my favorite creation of his. As for the Poke-ball, it may still be there if you go to his server and check out the art section.

Server #3 is by a guy named "Facepalm." I did not actually talk to Facepalm but I did talk to a guy named Nanam98 and he showed me two sprites that took him four hours apiece to make. He made them without using speedhacks which allow you to fly. His first sprite is Mario as well and they are both awesome.
Mario by Nanam98 in Minecraft Classic.

His second sprite is Megaman! which is as awesome as Mario.Megaman by Nanam98 in Minecraft Classic.

Server #4 is the last server but certainly not the least by Wolf95 and he showed me some lockers for a huge stadium he made.
Lockers by Wolf95 on Minecraft Classic

After he Showed me this huge stadium he made.
Stadium by Wolf95 on Minecraft Classic
If you have a server and want me to look at some of the stuff you have then let me know by posting a link to the server below!